Month: November 2016

How I Published on Steam | Getting Through Greenlight – Part One

Getting greenlit for the first time can be a very daunting task. On many digital distribution platforms other than steam, approval has nothing to do with the users’ response to your game. When you’re getting your game greenlit, everything depends on whether enough people like your game or not. This can leave constant annoying thoughts going on in your head like: “Will people actually like something I made, let alone a game I made?” “I don’t really have what it takes to do this sort of thing.” “Maybe I’ll just release it elsewhere and see what happens.” These thoughts...

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dev_log_01.txt – HoneyMoney

Hello and welcome to the first developer log not only for this game, but also for the site as a whole. I’ll be writing a minimum of one of these a week to highlight everything I’ve done, and shine some light on how they’ve been done, as I value transparency on this site because I believe it can help people out there. Anyway, the game I’m currently working on is called HoneyMoney, and it’s about breeding bees and managing hives to produce a goal amount of honey during a level. I won’t talk too much about how I’ve set...

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How to Start a New Game Project

You’re thinking about your next project. Everything seems great, and you’re just about to jump in with all of the passion, excitement, and dedication to this project you think is going to be amazing. At this point, if you’re lucky, you’ll start thinking about everything you need to do before you make the project, and thoughts like these might start popping up in your head: “So I’m going to need to generate over 50,000 items and optimize it? Wait, I need a master server? How can I even manage creating all the assets?” If you’re like me, you’ve experienced...

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