Author: bilal

How To Create Smooth Camera Movement In Unity

Hello everyone, In Unity, one of the first things you might end up doing for your game is trying to figure out why the camera seems a little stiff. There can be a lot more for a camera to do than just move positions or follow a character. You might want to apply some effects, such as a smooth following effect, to your camera so your game looks more interesting and your character gives off more of a moving effect. To achieve such effects, you’ll probably want to use Linear Interpolation and Delta Time so make your camera change positions...

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How To Create Glossy Icons in Photoshop for Games

Hello everyone, While working on my game, Rebound, I didn’t like the powerup Icons I initially made and decided to revisit their creation. Such is the result:       After I finished making my new glossy Icons, I decided to share how I did so by creating a quick tutorial video about it! I did use common techniques to reach a glossy effect on the insides, and a shiny effect on the borders. Make sure to watch the video for all the details on how to make these icons yourself!...

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