Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Founding date:
June, 2014


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Rebound is a physics based reflex arcade game where the player must keep a ball within bounds of the screen, while aiming for the most points and longest time survived possible in a single round. Sounds simple, right? Maybe so, but along the way you’ll have plenty of obstacles, such as killer robots and missiles. Don't worry though, you’ll also have assistance in the form of powerups. As the player, you’re responsible for using your force gun to bounce the ball away from the screen boundaries, into powerups, and against pesky enemies!


How It Began

I was young. I wanted to make a game, but it had to be within the scope of a single student developer. RTS? Nope. MOBA? Nah - I decided I wanted to make a game that was great on mobile and PC. Then it hit me: I could make a game using single control input that challenges the player's skill, and reflexes, all about bouncing balls. Thus, Rebound was born, and is here eight months later.


Rebound Trailer 1 YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)
2016-03-02 07_33_51-Rebound.png
2016-03-02 07_32_37-Rebound.png
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2016-03-02 07_33_59-Rebound.png

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Rebound Website
Information about Rebound all in one place! http://reboundgame.com.

Rebound on Steam Greenlight
The Steam Greenlight page for Rebound. steamcommunity.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Bilal Itani
Programmer, Designer

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