The Importance of Story and Lore in E-Sports | THE D-LEAGUE – EPISODE 3 | THE E-SPORT PODCAST

Hey game developers!

Bilal here, and welcome to the third episode of The D-LEAGUE Podcast! In this episode, we talk about the importance of story or lore in video games, with a focus on E-Sports. We bring up questions of how the player experience changes by the level of detail implemented in the story of a game, and share our experiences playing games with shallow and in-depth story.

Then, we delve into how a story is built around the community of E-Sports, like Starcraft’s competitive scene, and analyze how professional players, such as SK Telecom’s “Faker,” have a character built around them which is supplemented by the lore of the characters they play most.

We also investigate the effect of this depth spectrum of lore in E-Sports on the attractiveness of a game. For example, what would the difference in Monthly Active Users (MAU) be in League of Legends if there were no Champion lore excerpts?

Have an awesome day, and please enjoy the podcast. Make sure to leave a comment about your thoughts on these subjects. Does character lore affect your decision of who to play as in games? Let us know!

See you in the next episode,