Welcome to Earth, the place you came without a say where you can “get by” much more easily by doing everything you don’t want to, and that is exactly what 90% of people do.

Cynical, I know, but no, I’m not writing lore for a new game idea.

I will admit, I write this post in a quite annoyed state, but the transparency of Xenfinity is what makes this brand have a purpose.

Speaking of which, that’s a big topic that I’d like to get into.




If you’re making a game, or plan on making a game, and can’t answer that question, you may want to reconsider. The reason “because it’s fun” is not doing you or your creative work any justice.


There are times where you won’t want to work.

There are times where you won’t want to do someone else’s work.

There are times where you won’t want to do your work.


You get the point.

The reason I write this is because you need a reason bigger than your current wants, if you want to achieve your long-term wants.

You will need a reason bigger than hatred itself, which might I mention is a very strong feeling, to achieve what it is you’re trying to achieve.




There are times where you will hate doing what you want to do.

Trust me, I’ve read it a million times, but never really believed it.

Now, I don’t mean if you love programming, you’ll all of a sudden hate programming.

After all these years, I still love opening Unity.

What I am talking about is the concept of not getting where you’re going.





When you believe you have done enough, you have only done 10% of the work required.

Look, I’m not trying to convince you not to make games, but I want you to be smart

You need to be ready to be broken down, while you’re broken down…


…and then broken down again.


But like muscle growth, only when you are broken down, can you rebuild yourself stronger.

This is simply a warning to let you know that what you want is achievable,

but you must be ready for the journey there.


See you again soon,