Who Makes Games and Why? | THE D-LEAGUE - Episode 1 | The E-Sport Podcast

Hey game developers!

Bilal here, and I’ve teamed up with my friend Jan, who is much better at competitive play than I am (haha), to bring you the first episode of The D-LEAGUE Podcast! This podcast is going to be all about game design, what makes games “good,” player reactions, and all other kinds of analysis to help the success of games, or just learn more about game dev.

In this first episode, we decided to talk about who develops the games we play, and the different situations they’re in when working on them. We also talk about things to look out for in indie game development, as well as some realities that it’s important to accept.

We wrap up the episode with some talk on how regions and audience niches affect your game’s success, and how to capitalize on that fact!

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think of the podcast! 😉